The Most Shocking Part of the Borat Sequel

Kelly Thomasson
3 min readOct 24, 2020
Photo by Jamie Haughton on Unsplash

I think it’s safe to say that anyone who decides to watch this movie knows they are going to come across some scenes that will make them uncomfortable, or, at the very least, make them feel guilty for laughing. Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat was just as cringey and hilarious as we remember, and his co-star, Maria Bakalova, is receiving praise from every direction for her performance alongside him. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, could not have come at a better time: it’s the dexamethasone we all needed to give us the strength to make it to election night.

And there was no shortage of jaw-dropping scenes.

Borat and his daughter, Tutar (Bakalova), perform a dance at a debutante ball to the amusement of the other attendees, that is, until Tutar’s dance moves reveal that her “moon blood has arrived”.

Disguised as an “American” singing with his band at a March For Our Rights rally, Borat is able to get some people in the crowd to sing along to lines like “inject him with the Wuhan flu” and “chop them up like the Saudis do.”

Tutar announces to a group of conservative women that she has just masturbated for the first time, and, surprisingly, her vagine did not have teeth, nor did she get sucked into it.

God, that was so good.

Of course, I have many, many, mixed feelings about the scene with Borat talking about the Holocaust with the Jewish women, but I still didn’t think that part was the most shocking.

To me, the wildest part was listening to Mike Pence talking about coronavirus at the 2020 CPAC back in February. “As of today, we have fifteen cases of coronavirus that have been detected in the United States, with only one new case detected in the last two weeks,” he announces confidently to the audience. “While the risk of coronavirus remains low, as the president said yesterday, we’re ready for anything.”

My jaw was on the floor.

That was only eight months ago; now we continue to see thousands of new cases reported daily, hospitals are starting to get slammed again, and we are anticipating that U.S. coronavirus deaths will double by the end of the year.

The president and his team knew in January how deadly this virus could be, yet on February 27, Mike Pence is handing out rose-colored glasses to all his supporters. I can’t stop thinking about how differently things might have gone if this virus was being handled by a competent administration that had a plan. Month after month we’re being told this is “going away,” and it will “just disappear” — as tens of thousands of cases continue to be reported every week.

So thanks, Sacha Baron Cohen, for giving us the right dose of humor to help mask the symptoms of dealing with this administration.

Now all we need is a cure.

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